Convert your Joomla website to a powerful SMS portal

It contains a collection of Joomla extensions that makes your Joomla website to a powerful SMS web portal

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  • Send Text,Unicode(Languages other than English),MMS Messages
  • Send Flash Message
  • Validate Mobile Number at Registration
  • Handling DND Mobile numbers
  • Send Message One by One
  • Send Bulk and Batch Messaging
  • Send Message from TXT or CSV file
  • Custom SMS including name,date etc
  • Creating SMS Groups & Contacts
  • Bulk Upload Contacts
  • Receive SMS Messages & Actions
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe using Keywords
  • Works with any SMS Gateway*
  • Schedule SMS Messages
  • Send Welcome SMS
  • Reminder SMS, Birthday SMS
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Pin Topup
  • Create member Accounts and Sell SMS Credits
  • Mobile Compatible Views
  • Your Own HTTP API for your members
  • Integration with Jomsocial,Community Builder etc…
  • More and More

* JEEMA SMS Supports more than 40 SMS providers and counting.If you are not aware please send your query to our email We will help you to identify.If your gateway is not in the list,we will integrate for free.


JEEMA SMS is a professional SMS extension for Joomla. JEEMA SMS is a native extension which can be installed using regular Joomla Installation procedure. This component allows you to configure any SMS API inside Joomla and you can start sending and receiving SMS.

JEEMA SMS uses the SMS Gateways API for sending and receiving SMS messages. For receiving SMS it uses the short/long code with KEYWORDS.

This component can be used as a re-seller account for your master SMS package bought from any SMS gateway.

JEEMA SMS comes with a rich set of free extensions that allow features like mobile number validation at registration, HTTP API URL for your members, SMS reminders like Birthday SMS, send SMS to members that are managed by other 3rd party components like Jomsocial, Community Builder, Virtuemart, DT Register etc..

For demo website please visit JEEMA SMS DEMO

For documentation please visit Documentation

For SMS gateways list please visit SMS Gateways If your gateway is not in the list,we will integrate for free.


Joomla – 3.4 or higher




  • Send Text Messages
  • Send Unicode Messages (Ex. Languages other than English)
  • Send MMS Feature
  • Send Flash Message
  • Handling DND Mobile numbers
  • Validating Newly registered Members by sending Validation code to their Mobile number
  • Integration with Jomsocial, Community Builder, Acymaling,DT- Register, Virtuemart, Hikashop
  • Configure any HTTP SMS API
  • Supports non HTTP API based Gateways via custom plugin (Ex. Web Services, REST, JSON)
  • Supports more than 40 SMS providers and counting.
  • Send SMS Message One by One
  • Send BULK SMS Messages (On Page Submit or via Cronjobs)
  • Batch Bulk SMS
  • Send Personalized Messages (Name,Date etc) from a CSV file
  • Create SMS Groups & Contacts
  • Upload Contacts from TXT, CSV file
  • Public groups with subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Send Birthday SMS, SMS reminders, Recurring SMS
  • Schedule SMS
  • Pre-defined SMS Templates
  • Define Multiple Sender Names for different Audience
  • Send article Links to the SMS groups when new Joomla article published
  • Set Free credits for Newly Registered Members
  • Sent SMS History with Gateway Response
  • Dynamic APIs  based on the Mobile prefix
  • Create Different SMS Accounts
  • Link SMS Accounts to Joomla Members
  • Set Auto-Credit for SMS account
  • Set Prefix and Suffix of the SMS for Advertisement  purposes
  • Charge customers based on routing.
  • Filter SMS based on keywords
  • Define ACL for the JEEMA SMS Menus
  • Language File Support (front-end and admin)
  • Your Own HTTP API for your members for send SMS and check the balance


  • Receive SMS based on Keywords or without Keywords
  • Auto reply option after receiving SMS
  • Forward the Received Messages to Mobile/Email Recipients
  • Subscribe SMS Groups based on Receive SMS keywords
  • Send Static/Dynamic messages by sending Keywords


  • Enter send sms credits manually and buy them
  • Create different SMS Packages
  • Configure multiple currencies and Exchange rates
  • Configure PayPal, PesaPal, VoguePay,SimplePay4U,Paynow, ACI commerce,Hubtel,Yopayments for Payment Gateway and more
  • Cash Payment Plugin
  • Generate Invoices
  • PIN and Voucher Generation for Credits purchase
  • Send Email/SMS Notifications to Admin and Buyers at the time of purchasing packages.
  • Transfer SMS credits between SMS Accounts

Few Business Models

  • Bulk SMS website for selling sms credits to your clients and they can send and receive sms from your website
  • You can send sms to millions of Mobile numbers using JEEMA SMS
  • Validate newly registered Members by sending verification code to their Mobile number & sending welcome messages
  • When purchasing products from your website, notify the customers through sms
  • If you are running shops you can send Offer Messages to your customers
  • Notify the Members when new article posted in your website
  • All kind of Management level messages (Ex:A Coach can send messages to players and parents,An institute can send sms to students and parents,A company can send messages to its employees)
  • JEEMA SMS can do all kind of SMS Solutions for a website


There is no restriction on the number of license.Customers can use the component for any number of domains that belongs to them.Once the product is purchased, the product can be downloaded for a maximum of 12 times.Once the download counter hits 12 then a new purchase has to be made.Lifetime validity for the downloaded product. No Monthly/Yearly fee.Whenever a new version of the product is released we will notify all our customers.One year free support for one domain.Customers are not allowed to resell or distribute the component in any form.

Note: If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact our email


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